Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Before You Begin

Thank you for your interest in writing for Warner Press. Warner Press has been the publishing house for the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) for over one hundred years. We develop and produce a wide variety of non-denominational Christian material for individual and church use.

Before you begin take a moment to answer these three questions:

  1. Do I have a personal relationship with God and knowledge of the Bible (i.e. regular devotional life and proficient knowledge of many Bible passages)?
  2. Have I received an honest appraisal of my work from a qualified writer or editor, confirming that I am ready to enter the freelance field?
  3. Have I prayed about submitting my material to Warner Press?
If your answers to all three questions are yes, you are ready to submit your work and we look forward to seeing it!

Writer's Guidelines



Devotionals For Bulletins

Sample of four Reflection church bulletin covers

Warner Press purchases some short devotionals for our Reflections® Sunday bulletin line. Our Sunday bulletins, or worship folders, feature a photograph or other artwork on the front with the devotional thought on the back. These devotionals are designed to inspire readers and help them focus their thoughts as they get ready for worship.

Devotionals should tie into a visual image and incorporate a Bible verse (does not have to be from King James Version). We are especially interested in material for holidays and special Sundays, such as Christmas, New Year's Day, Palm Sunday, Easter, Pentecost, Communion, and much more! General themes are also welcome.

We are always looking for a fresh, original approach to themes that have been written about hundreds of times.


Sample bulletin text:

Music Appreciation

The craftsman who designs a violin knows everything about the instrument he creates. He can appreciate finer points of an individual violin that many of us would never even notice. As we live our lives, it may often seem that our "finer points" go unappreciated, and we sometimes wonder if we have anything to offer at all. But our Creator sees all our value and potential, even finding us worthy of the sacrifice He made in giving Jesus to die for our sins. In Psalm 139:13 (NIV) we are reminded, You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. The Craftsman who fashioned each of us knows that we are all fine instruments, being tuned to His glory as we seek out the part He has written for us and perform it with joy. Our surrendered lives are music to His ears!

Devotionals should be 110-150 words, typed one to a page with your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. E-mail submissions are welcomed and preferred.

Submission deadline: September 30
Pays: $35 upon acceptance


Children's Coloring & Activity Books

Warner Press coloring and activity books

We produce 15-page coloring and activity books written in an easy-to-read style. Most books focus on a Bible story or biblical theme such as love, forgiveness, etc. Ages range from pre-school (2-5 years old) to upper elementary (8-10). We include activities and puzzles in all of our upper elementary books.

Coloring book manuscripts should present a picture idea and a portion of the story for each page.

Submission deadlines: January 31 and July 31
Payment will vary.


Greeting Cards

Christian Art boxed greeting cards logo and examples

We produce only boxed greeting cards—no personal, counter-line style cards.

What boxed greeting cards should do:

Inspire, encourage, uplift and say "I care."

  • Present a message in a new, creative and pleasant way.
  • Be specific enough to sound sincere, but general enough that a group could send them.
  • Use conversational tone—no lofty poetic language such as thee, thou, art, o'er, etc.
  • Convey a clear, concise message.
  • Don't preach or use a negative tone. Strive to share God's love and provide a Christian witness.

We do not purchase very much long copy or rhyming verse anymore. Most accepted verses average 4 lines in length. Themes include: birthday, anniversary, baby congratulations, sympathy, get well, kid's birthday and get well, thinking of you, friendship, Christmas.

Submitting your verses:
  • Identify each of your verses with a code number that you create.
  • Keep copies of your work.
  • Keep a record of purchased verses. Warner Press purchases full rights to greeting card material, as do most companies. You will want to make sure your purchased verses are removed from circulation.
  • Be sure your name and address are on each card or printout. If you send e-mail, please add your e-mail address to each page.
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with all submissions unless you submit by e-mail. If you do not enclose a SASE your work will not be returned.

Submission deadline: July 31
Pays: $35 upon acceptance


Children's Picture Books

We are not accepting manuscripts at this time.



Ministry Resource Books

Warner Press Ministry Resource book examples

  • 64-page books that are inspirational, devotional, and encouraging; books that will help others deal with life's challenging situations. (The 64-page books are small, so 64 pages would equal 30 pages of 8.5 x 11" pages.)
  • Bible Studies on specific subjects or on a specific book of the Bible. Page sizes vary.
  • We prefer email submissions and ask that you allow us 6-8 weeks to respond.



Teaching Resource Books

Warner Press teaching resource books

48- 144-page books on the Old Testament or New Testament. Books are written for anyone who works with kid

  • sunday school teachers
  • children's church directors
  • children's ministry volunteers
  • homeschool teachers.

When Your Work is Purchased

If we find your material meets our needs, we will send a copyright release form for your signature—this release states that you are relinquishing full rights for usage. Writers may publish their work elsewhere, but not on another company's bulletins, cards or other competing products. Once we receive this signed release form, we issue payment within 60 days.

Send All Submissions to:

Karen Rhodes, Senior Editor
Warner Press, Inc
1201 East Fifth Street
Anderson, Indiana 46012



Robin Fogle, Product Editor
Warner Press, Inc
1201 East Fifth Street
Anderson, Indiana 46012